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What effects can a sound bath have in our body and brain? 

A sound bath will leave you feeling incredibly calm and rested, as though you had just slept 9 hours straight. The reason is you enter different brain wave states as you go through the experience which lasts 1h30.

Your stress levels are drastically reduced because most of the amygdala activity in the brain is shut down, and your body feels rejuvenated because all the systems are directed back into natural balance.

You also may experience various pleasant sensations and feelings such as loss of body awareness, creative visions & dreams, and mild euphoria. These can be caused by synesthésie (the coming together of the senses) as well as a combination of theta & alpha brain waves.

This is music for entrainment rather than entertainment, and I firmly believe this is just what we need in today’s world.

Can sound baths act as a form of ‘fast-track’ meditation? 

As most of us feel time-poor and bombarded with information coming through all angles, ‘fast-track’ meditation has almost become necessary; and regardless of our job, gender or age: we all need it. Sound baths are certainly the first go-to experience to accelerate the process of mindfulness, meditation and relaxation.

In my opinion, sound meditation has the defined advantage of being able to befriend the noisy and overactive mind. It does far more than simply cancel out compulsive thinking, which is partly why I believe everyone seems to love Gong baths.

On another note, clients suffering from various ailments and traumas really feel safe as there is no physical contact involved. It acts as a vibrational massage for them and for everybody else too. If you are completely stressed out, it leaves you feeling like anything can be dealt with- there’s a great sense of perspective that is instilled during and after the experience.

Why do you believe that sound baths are becoming so increasingly popular in the UK? Are you pleased to see this boom in popularity? 

I think sound baths are the most efficient way for anyone to reach a deep state of relaxation. When you are calm and rested, you suddenly find yourself having more energy, patience and understanding. You will also be more present and aware both at work and at home, making life more colourful and fulfilling. Another huge plus is that it doesn’t require any flexibility, commitment, experience or knowledge. Both women and men love it, but dogs and children are big fans too! I sometimes have whole families attending, which I find is a really lovely thing to do.

Do you hope that your app Third Ear will make sound meditation more accessible and easy for more people to try? 

I made the sound meditation app THIRD EAR because I want people’s minds to experience what I did experience years ago.

I used to suffer from acute anxiety and panic attacks as a teenager, and this was quickly eradicated thanks to the power of sound meditation.

THIRD EAR gives you the chance to have access to my sound meditations, breath work and creative mindfulness meditations

24/7 both online and offline. All you need is a pair of headphones or speakers, and as little as 3 minutes. It’s a self-care sanctuary and a portable piece of peace.

The app is free to download (iOS) and will soon be available on android. THIRD EAR is best consumed daily for long lasting results. 

Where can people find you and hear more about you?  

I have a weekly podcast called Within Conversation

I have an app called Third Ear (available on iOS and Android)

My group sessions take place several times a week across London with recurrent international sound meditation tours.

For home visits and corporate sessions, please contact

I am leading a retreat in Hampshire on Nov.23-25 2018. For more information, head over to